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Tour of Duty: 10 Against all Odds

Finale Part 1: "Clash of the Titans II"


  • Capella


  • Escort Bastion to Epsilon Pegasi Node (Primary 1/1)

In Game:

  • Beta 2, 3 explode
  • Send the rest of Beta group, Gamma 1 home
  • Protect Bastion against simultaneous bomber threats
  • Auto exit on completion of primary goal

This is your last chance to outfit your fighter, so I suggest you make it count. You can't seem to change your fighter type, but you can switch weapons. I recommend dual kayser guns, although some will prefer the Maximum combined with a shield leecher or energy leecher. The default secondary load-out is pretty good though.

The mission is pretty simple. Pairs of bomber wings coming from different angles and locations will constantly jump in and attack the bastion on its 10-minute run to the node. The strategy pretty much revolves around ordering everybody against one wing and handling the other wing by yourself. Use a trebuchet missile to stop a batch of warheads, and use Infyrno missiles to deter bomber groups. The mayhem continues for quite some time, so be sure to use the hotkey assignment button (F3) a lot! Managing your wingmen is essential because only those who are alive get back into the next mission.

When the Bastion arrives, the mission abruptly switches to a cut-scene.

Cut-scene: Bastion destroys Epsilon Pegasi node.

Tour of Duty Ten:
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