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Tour of Duty 1: Assault

Mission 2: "The Place of Chariots"


  • Deneb Asteroid Belt


  • Destroy All NTF Fighters
  • Destroy all freighters and sentry guns

In Game:

  • Destroy all NTF Fighters (Primary 1/3)
  • Destroy all sentry guns (Secondary 1/1)
  • Investigate Asteroid (Primary 2/3)
  • Disable NTF Iceni (Primary Failed 3/3) - Does not effect ranking, impossible
  • Destroy all containers (Bonus)

A straightforward search and destroy mission. Deal with the closest Hercules fighter and then start working on the sentry guns. When the Loki fighters jump in, switch to them. Try to work on the containers when the area is clear (they are unscannable), but make sure to head for the Asteroid signal (jumpy red on your radar) when it appears.

You can do little or no damage to the asteroid so I suggest focusing on the incoming fighter wings. When the ships are destroyed, the asteroids should all fall off of the installation to reveal the NTF Iceni. You are ordered to disable engines but since its jumping out immediately, just turn your ship to the containers and finish them off for a bonus objective.

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